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About Psoriasis

Researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center simultaneously have resolved a controversy over the cause of psoriasis and developed the first mouse model that fully mimics the human disorder.
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The Link between Psoriasis and Other Diseases

Psoriasis may raise risk for diseases of heart, lungs, kidneys, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease  
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The Psoriator treatment is the greatest discovery for your psoriasis. No other treatment in the world has so high rate of effectiveness.

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Before & After Psoriator Treatment

Goeckerman regimen
Psoriasil unguent is a coal tar formula with petroleum jelly, lanolin, zinc oxide and salisilic acid. This formula is very effective in a Goeckerman regimen with Narrow Band Ultraviolet Light - UVB NB.
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Medical Centers
Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis
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Testimonies of psoriator patients - Colombian Psoriasis Foundation
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Before & After treatment
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Where to buy Psoriator and other psoriasis products
Psoriator could be ordered from the Colombian Psoriasis Foundation
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